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Super Acciaio - Purple Workshop-1.jpg
Super Acciaio - Purple Workshop-1.jpg

@CICLO we now offer appointment only BIKE FIT & SADDLE FIT!


We like to think we go about Bike Fit a little differently! 

With Gary's long background in the bike trade his knowledge of the mechanics of any bike enhances the Bike Fit.


His knowledge gained training with internationally renowned bike fitter Tony Corke @ Torke Cycling has only added to his wealth of knowledge.   

It starts with a relaxed chat

The first part of our bike fit process is a relaxed chat in our seating area to discuss your wants and needs from the bike fit process. We like to discuss your goals on the bike and what you would like to achieve from your Bike Fit. 

We look at flexibility and discuss any factors that may be holding you back in the way of aches and pains from your current setup.  

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Once we get you on the bike in our air conditioned space we can start to look at your current set up and work through changes that can be made to resolve issues! 

Our main aim is to work through the reasons for suggested changes with you and explain the whole process. 

We use specific tools to be able to adjust elements of your bike without having to change your current setup straight away. We do use a software based analysis also but this is secondary to our main aim of talking and discussing if the changes are working for you! 

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If changes are needed be it saddle, stem, handlebars or cleats etc etc we can carry out any work for you in our specialist workshop if you so wish.

We will send you a post fit report of the changes suggested via email. 

for further details, prices & booking.


We also carry out saddle fit only using the Selle SMP range of saddles as we are an official test centre - simply contact us to book in for saddle fit. Once we have correctly selected the best saddle for you from the range you can use the test saddle on your own bike for a period of time until deciding if it works for you.  At which point we will supply and fit your new saddle. 

for further details, prices & booking.
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